Equal Opportunity Cell is dedicated to providing an inclusive environment & experience for everyone in the campus. For the smooth functioning of any organization implementation of certain conduct policies are necessary. This Code of Conduct represents a document of how we expect our officials, governing body members, faculties, staff, maintenance service providers & students act and behave towards one another as well as to have access to procedures for addressing issues if they arise.

EOC values the safety and security of all and doesn't expect any form of harassment or discrimination. We encourage reporting of any incident of harassment, discrimination or unacceptable behaviour as soon as possible. The forms of harassment include any acts that insult or belittle others and any sexiest or racist jokes, offensive verbal comments related to gender, gender identity, ability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, caste or creed, deliberate intimidation, stalking, unwarranted recording or photography, inappropriate physical contact or unwelcome sexual attention.

The leadership will take all appropriate actions to provide a safe and secure environment for all, including initiating disciplinary action against perpetrators and providing support mechanisms to victims. To create a positive and inclusive environment, there should be annual review of Code of Conduct in order to ensure that it aligns with our objectives and address needs of the target group.

We endeavour to treat all humans with inherent dignity, regardless of diversities such as gender, orientation, disabilities, appearance, nationality, socio-economic status, age, ethnicity, race, religion, caste, etc. We do not appreciate deliberate intimidation and harassment in any form. We take violation of our policy seriously and respond appropriately.

We believe that people can be allies to each other and support of each other. It is important to treat everyone with respect and acknowledge that everyone deserves to be here participating without the fear of harassment or discrimination. We encourage to build on each other's ideas and build the future together, which will benefit all. It is important to foster an environment of feedback, discussion and collaboration. Also an environment of listening, learning and constructive criticism help in better functioning of organization.

Everybody is empowered to politely engage when they or others are disrespected or harassed and contact the authorities at the earliest. Please note that while we take all concerns raised seriously, we will use our discretion to determine when and how to follow up on reported incidents and may decline to take any further action and/or may direct complainant to other resources for resolution.

Creating an official policy aims to raise awareness by making it clear that harassment of anyone for any reason is not acceptable within the organization. This policy may prevent harassment by clearly defining expectations for behaviour, aims to provide reassurance and not to demotivate people who had bad experience in the past. If anyone engages in harassment or uncomfortable behaviour, the authorities may take action they decide appropriate, including warning or expelling the offender.

It is important to create awareness among the employees on women's safety and their health through various techniques such as orientation programmes, workshops, open group discussions, posters, short films, etc. and also regarding the important guidelines and laws to stop discrimination. It is crucial to encourage employees to express and come out of their discomfort. They refrain from speaking up for the fear of consequences and shame. Their confidence has to be boosted by implementing equal opportunities to both male and female employees at the workplace. The sense of equality in the workplace will help them fight the social stigma.

The stake holders involved in a University set up includes the top officials such as Vice- Chancellors, Registrar, etc., the Governing body members, the Teaching faculty members, the Academic administrative / Support staff and the students.

As the academic and administrative head of the institution Vice-Chancellor strives:

  • To protect the collective interest of different sections of the Institution, ensure inclusiveness and an atmosphere of trust and equality so that everyone can contribute to their optimum capacity.
  • To uphold and maintain the essence of social justice for all the stakeholders irrespective of their caste, creed, race, gender, religion or socio-economic status.
  • To initiate the spirit of welfare within all the sections of people associated with the Institution.
  • To promote and encourage academic, research and extension activities and explore new avenues.
  • To uphold, upkeep and enforce discipline amongst all the stakeholders of the Institution.
  • To provide co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and help in society building.

The Governing Body of the University is responsible for ensuring the effective management of the institution and planning for the future development.

  • The Governing Body shall act to realise the mission and vision of the Institution and to meet the interest of the stakeholders.
  • The Governing Body shall monitor Institutional performance and quality assurance arrangements and comply with the statues, ordinances and provisions relating to the Institution, including regulations by statutory bodies such as UGC as well as regulations laid out by the state government.
  • The Governing Body shall monitor that the Institution implements the requirement of state and national government for reservation of seats and staff positions and ensure non- discriminatory system to provide equality of opportunity for all staff and students.

The teachers of University are subject to the guidelines provided by UGC has to conduct according to the ideals of the profession.

  • The interest of the students should be of utmost priority and has to be conscientious and dedicated and helpful to students as well as encourage them to express their views.
  • The teacher should behave in a dignified manner and strive for creating an environment of equal treatment irrespective of caste, creed, religion, gender or socio-economic status and there should not be any partisan attitude.
  • The teacher should inspire students and create an interest for them in the learning process and instil a scientific and democratic outlook, patriotism, and social responsibility.

The Academic administrative / Support staff should follow the code of conduct stipulated by the state government.

  • The support staff should be well-versed with the policies of the Institution and adhere to it.
  • The support staff should perform their duties diligently and should not take up any other job within their office hours and should not hamper the functioning of the University.
  • They should not engage in remarks or behaviour that might be considered disrespectful to their colleagues, teaching staff or students. They should be friendly & patient while dealing with students.
  • They should be punctual, facilitate in smooth functioning of the University and help in maintenance of furniture and equipment.
  • They should maintain and respect the confidentiality of information and official records. They should uphold honesty and integrity while performing their duties.